Let’s talk about working smarter,
not harder.

Clarity Business Strategies provides business coaching and consulting, as well as sales and leadership training. Our goal is to grow your business, using our proven Brian Tracy FocalPoint coaching program. Led by Richard Scott, award winning business coach and business speaker, Clarity Business Strategies works closely with owners and entrepreneurs to develop strategies and processes that will increase revenues and in turn, business growth.

Our proven business coaching method can provide businesses with:

  • Increased revenues
  • Better performing teams & systems
  • Significantly improved cash flows and profitability
  • Improved business operations and forecasting
  • Intentional organizational-wide brand equity development
  • Clearly designed values-based exit strategy options

What is a business coach?

Get the answers on what a business coach is, and how they work with you to grow your business. Very often the missing link between success and frustration or even failure is the knowledge of certain business principles and strategies. [READ MORE]

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Business coaching is the method of working with entrepreneurs to achieve higher success.



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